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Top 5 Controversial Celebrities of Pakistan!

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Media and Fame are in an open relationship with each other. The personalities working in this field – celebrities as we say them are one of the most popular personalities of the community. Perks of being popular;  those celebs usually are considered  public property, their days and nights, life ventures, events and everything is always hyped and a major attraction for masses. Unfortunately, sometimes this phenomenon of being highlighted is used in a negative way by few of the so-called media darlings! For them, controversies become a major source of fame and they tend to enjoy this with the added bonus of popularity. Today we are talking about 5 controversial celebrities of Pakistan who make it to the top of our list when it came to the counting of drama queens and kings!
1: Aamir Liaquat

Self-proclaimed religious scholar and TV host Aamer Liaquat successfully made it to number one in the the list of controversial celebrities of Pakistan. The man is always in news – for notorious reasons of course! Earlier a video of Dr. Aamer Liaquat went viral or social media disclosing no-so-sophisticated side of his personality and later in 2013, he was the focus of public rage for humiliating singer Taher Shah during live Ramadan transmission.
2: VJ Mathira

A Viber TV product – item girl Mathira is a hub of controversies mainly because of her extra bold attire and alluring body language on screen. She has been associated as an exercise instructor with the morning show of ARY Digital and now has gained recognition as a dancing girl with her appearance in Pakistani movie, Mein Hun Shahid Afridi. Recently, she released her music video featuring a 12 years old kid as a rapper, the video received obvious criticism for its inappropriate costumes and settings!
3: Saher Lodhi

Commonly known as China copy of Shaharukh or Shahrukh Khan Clone, Saher Lodhi needs no formal introduction. The star had always been a victim of public criticism for his fail attempts of copying Shahrukh Khan in his acting, style and speech. According to a Style 360 report, Saher is one of the Pakistani celebs who are acing social media with their hater clubs. Sources say, he is soon to appear on silver screen, wait and watch what he is in store house for us now!
4: Meera

Madam Meera and her English is kind of our thing for us Pakistanies for a little good laugh anytime, anywhere! One of the first filmstars from Pakistan to go to Bollywood only to be a part of third page controversial news. Not only her Bollywood ventures but her personal life has also created controversies numerous times regarding her marriages then we heard her supporting her mother in the mainline politics and lastly the recent infamous video issue that we all are aware of!
5: Veena Malik

 Newly wedded Veena Malik gave birth to her first controversy right after stepping into the dazzling world of showbiz when she alleged Javed Sheikh of cutting her scenes in the movie Ye Dil Aap Ka Hua for providing coverage and prominence to Sana. The drama queen continued nagging about it on all media forums. Later on, her relationships with Paksitani cricketer Muhammad Asif opened up a whole new chapter of controversies that eventually led her to the Big Boss fame (which by the way is a controversy in itself). Babrik Shah, also claimed to be a fortunate husband of the lady! The controversy queen Veena is back in the limelight like a boss again with her wedding news now!

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Top 5 Controversial Celebrities of Pakistan!


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