Thursday 2 January 2014

Mathira's new music video 'Jhootha'

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The new year has barely begun and we already have a music video from model-host-singer Mathira. Titled ‘Jootha,’ the hip-hop and pop hybrid song has Mathira collaborating with rapper Arbaz Khan who, according to his official page, is only 12 years old.
The video features many quintessential — if not cliche — hip-hop video tropes such as flashy cars, motorbikes and sexy women (or in this case one sexy woman) and the lyrics are similarly ‘pop’ — based on a romantic relationship.
Mathira and the child rapper, who barely reaches her shoulders, sidle up to each other in the video as she sings about her ‘deewana’.
Tu saath meray achchi lagay (you look good next to me)” the young boy raps as he puts his arms around Mathira at one point in the video. Later in the lyrics, the relationship is compared to that of Jay-Z and Beyonce.
The video is produced by Beyond Studios. World Top Models Website

Mathira's new music video 'Jhootha'


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