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Best Pakistani Dramas 2013

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2013 had its share of good and bad dramas, although there were more bad than good. It was also a year of Turkish dramas, they seem to have become very popular among Pakistani audiences. One of the positives of stories this year were that many Pakistani dramas had strong female characters. It’s good step in the right direction to empower women. Here is a look at the top dramas in Pakistan in 2013.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai would have to be the number drama of 2013. The cast included Fawad Khan, Sanam Saeed, Samina Peerzada, Mehreen Raheel, Javed Sheikh, and Waseem Abbas. The drama touches upon many serious social issues – from male chauvinism to a hierarchical class structure. It revolves around the story of Kashaf Murtaza (Sanam Saeed), who lives with her mother Rafia Murtaza (Samina Peerzada), who is separated from her husband Murtaza (Waseem Abbas) because she didn’t fulfill his desire of having a son. Murtaza married another woman, who did eventually give birth to his son. Rafia’s daughters are much more intelligent and go on to marry in good families, while Murtaza’s son amounts to nothing. Over time Murtaza realizes that daughters are just as great as sons, but his daughters are better than his son. This dramas also shows ordeals of the rich versus the poor. Zaroon( Fawad Khan) never had to to work hard for anything in his life, everything was given to him, while Kashaf had to work to pay her tuition and make her way to the top. This drama had very strong female characters such as Rafia, a single mother who worked as principal to support her 3 daughters without any outside help.

Dil E Muztar – Dil E Muztar was one the most viewed drama of 2013. The cast consisted of Imran Abbas, Sanam Jung, Sarwat Gilani, Aijazz Aslam, and Saba Hameed. Dil-e-Muztar is the story of a young couple Adeel (played by Imran Abbas) and Silla (Played by Sanam Jung) who got married against the will of Silla’s father. Soon after their marriage they get into a series of troubles including economic pressure and hurdles of practical life. The intimacy and strength of their relationship is further threatened by Zoya (played by Sarwat Gillani) who is their neighbor and infatuated towards Adeel.The charm of angry young man, Imran Abbas and the sweetness of cute and bubbly Sanam Jung is the essence of this drama. This drama had many similarities to the super-hit drama Humsafar but did not gain as much success but nevertheless was one of the highest rated and viewed drama of the year.

Kankar dramas included Fahad Mustafa & Sanam Baloch in the lead. The story revolves around girl Kiran ( Sanam Baloch), who’s marries Sikandar ( Fahad Mustafa). Sikandar’s mother opposes the marriage., although Sikandar loves Kiran very much. After his financial status changes, he becomes an angry person. Sikandar starts to physically abuse Kiran, after being abused for long time Kiran ends up getting divorce. This drama illustrates that physical abuse does not just happen in lower classes but among affluent people as well.It is drama with yet another strong female character who is meant to endure all the hardships that our society imposes on women.

Mera Sultan was one the most watched Turkish drama in Pakistan in 2013. It is on the list of the most searched term in Google in 2013. It is based on the life of Sulieman the Magnificent, the longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and his wife Hurrem, a slave girl who became Sultana.Turkish dramas have increasingly become popular in Pakistan and each major broadcasts at lease one or dramas.

The story of Aunn-Zara revolves around a painfully pampered boy named Aunn ( Osman Khalid Butt), who is dying to break out of the shackles of his overprotective and overbearing family members. Aunn meets Zara ( Maya Ali) at a wedding and falls in love, and they end up getting married. The evolution of their conjugal relationship, their journey of self-discovery and the mad hatters in Aunn and Zara’s family form the crux of this potpourri of entertainment that brims with hilarity and tender moments that touch you.One of the strongest points of Aunn-Zara is that the scenes are punchy and fast paced and viewers are thankfully spared of the boredom that usually accompanies over-stretched and mundane sequences. It is a wholesome family entertainer which why many people loved the drama, a change from the usual melodrama.

Rehaai is another drama about the ordeals woman face in patriarchy society. Rehaai is the story of Shamim ( Samina Peerzada), a woman married off when she was barely more than a child. Her brutish son Waseem is married to Shehnaz, a wife he uses as a convenient punching bag anytime he feels the need to vent his frustration, about anything and everything. Shehnaz is unable to have children, so Waseem marries a child, Kulsoom. The drama revolves around child marriages, rapes of minors, that take place in the name of marriage, sexual abuse, molestation, and physical, verbal and spousal abuse, all are undeniable facts of our society and how women deal with it. It illustrates how woman can gain independence from men and stand on their feet. World Top Models Website

Best Pakistani Dramas 2013


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