Friday 10 January 2014

Actress Meera Nikah Nama Photocopy has recieved

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 Meera video scandal is gaining popularity and it is not more than a fake video. The popularity is just making the actress notorious in the eyes of people. The father in law of Meera says the video of Meera is not original and people have been spreading it to defame her daughter.

Meera’s career with the Pakistani media industry has been riddled with controversy. She gained fame with a TV commercial back in 1994, and since then has moved on to act in over 200 films. Besides Lollywood, Meera has also worked in several Bollywood films as well.
Lollywood star Meera caused a stir when a marriage certificate obtained by the media revealed the actor has been married to Pakistani-American airline captain Naveed Pervaiz for over two months now
Meera had announced her engagement with Captain Naveed, but did not mention a wedding.
There are rumors that the marriage certificate has been made public and revealed to many TV news channels. The marriage certificate identifies the groom as “Naveed Perveez” and the bride as “Irtaza Rubab” (understood to be Meera’s real name).
According to the document, Naveed was born in 1978 and Meera on Dec 12 in 1977, which makes her 37 years old.
Rumours of the couple’s possible marriage first began circulating in February 2012, when Meera’s family reportedly accepted Naveed’s proposal
The groom’s family said the plan was to hold off public announcement of the wedding until 2014, when both parties would host a proper wedding ceremony complete with festivities.
The bride, however, denied news of the ‘nikkah‘ released today, and told that she was completely focused on her hospital for now.
Meera has said in the past that people are intent on maligning her unnecessarily to disturb and distract her from her efforts for building a charity, which is intended to provide free cardio services to the impoverished people of Haroonabad.

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Actress Meera Nikah Nama Photocopy has recieved


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