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Nice Humor photos

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Nice Humor photos

Some cool Humor images:

Abandoned by Abandoned... Hi! You're banned :)

1842-00-01 00:00:00
Posted Date: 1842-00-01 00:00:00 , By : Konabish ~ Greg Bishop
Warning: This is only a LOL story! No yellin' - screamin' - cussin' !

Sure, I could get all worked-up over being B A N N E D ... Think I'll just continue to post to groups that still have the welcome mat out for me. I care less whether 'they' "remove the ban" or not, but I'm really curious about the rest! After I had a good chuckle, egad, I just had to reply. I kept it 'sane', even though I was tempted to send a response similar to the reaction by a Michigan property owner to government entity's letter demanding that he make repairs to the dam on his property.....
A beaver dam :)

(My reply, to the group Administrator....)
.... I can only assume it is in reaction to my recent postings of the battleship Iowa while it was in the mothball fleet. Otherwise, I'm stymied. I have never been banned by any of the 400+ groups that I belong to, and there was never an indication there was any problem.

I re-read the group rules, and checked the discussions; that's where I saw this 2011 entry by you... "I've been cleaning the pool again recently and I'm no longer just removing members who post photos that are not abandoned." ... which leaves me no closer to answering why I deserve this drastic action. With thousands of contributors, I can understand if this is an honest mistake, maybe even an oversight.

If the Iowa photos caused this, and If the problem is interpretation, the simple group rule of 'for abandoned places or things' seemed to easily cover mothball fleet photos, in that, even though Iowa was being 'housed', the fact that no one, including MARAD and the US Navy, prevented peeling paint or rotting deck wood, or kept the exterior of the battleship from rusting, corroding, or suffering damaging weather effects... constituted abandonment. The group rules seem to me to support that.

USS Iowa has since become a beautiful, cared-for museum ship. But in that 10 years of her exile in Suisun Bay, there was a very real possibility that she would be scrapped or sunk at sea as a target ship. I have been involved with preventing that since 2001: The day I rode aboard the tugboat that was the last to release lines from the battleship on her first day of a 10-year exile in the "mothball fleet". And for more than nine of those years, the word often used when referring to her was "abandoned". If I had been told I was improperly posting, I simply would have stopped posting, but I still would have asked why?

Greg Bishop

CHOKER: Seaton "Worm" Price

2009-07-21 09:24:07
Posted Date: 2009-07-21 09:24:07 , By : Ben Templesmith
Well, it's gone live and been announced now on the Image panel at Comic-con so I can broadcast it everywhere.

One of my big new things next year will a creator owned book called CHOKER, from Image Comics, with the clinically insane but all around talented rising star/good chum BEN McCOOL. Remember that name, you'll no doubt be hearing a lot more of it in the future!

So what is CHOKER? Well, for one things, it's sort of like FELL, but with it's face ripped off and a bad dose of gonorrhea. It's as disgusting ( or more so ) as Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. No really, this thing should combine what I love about both those books, plus a bit more. Anyone who knows my rather strange sense of humour will soon realize Ben and I *have* to do this book.

It's a hard boiled noir fable, set in the dark, seedy and slightly time shifted world of Shotgun City. McCool sez:

"Johnny “Choker” Jackson, an ex-Shotgun City police detective, lives in his own rendition of hell. His case of Alien Hand Syndrome has manifested into the most psychotic entity on the planet, is stuck working at a deadbeat detective agency, and he’s engaged in a squalid (and involuntary) amour with an otherworldly creature that dwells beneath his bathtub.

That, believe it or not, is just for starters.

But there’s prospective light at the end of the tunnel: a high-profile con Johnny once put behind bars is at large, and not even the city’s elite has been able to track the sleazebag down. The police department has offered Johnny a deal: put the rogue back in his below regulation-sized cell and he’s got a job for life. However, it comes at a price, and it’s one nobody will see coming. But if you want something, and want it real bad, what would you be willing to do to get it…?"

6 issue miniseries ( at least for starters )

Image comics.

Early 2010.

Your first taste of it will be a special prelude story to be in Liberty Comics #2 I believe, later this year.

Expect me to rant and rave about this thing, show a bunch of behind the scenes stuff and if we can handle it, drunken hijinks from the both of us as we make this little bastard. Nothing will be off limits. ( Ok I'm still probably not going to do nudity )

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