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George Carlin...the Best

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George Carlin...the Best

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George Carlin...the Best

2008-06-23 00:28:44
Posted Date: 2008-06-23 00:28:44 , By : Tony Fischer Photography
What a terrible loss yesterday. My entire day was a downer and I can't take my mind off it, even as I write these words. George Carlin was the best (only?) social scientist/linguist/comedian in our day. He was that unique. Take his routine - if you could call it that - in which he compares football (militaristic) to baseball (pastoral). Brilliant. Original. Memorable. With a great sense of humor.

He was the best 'til his career was over. Carlin's mind never faded, even in these last years as the body slowed down a bit. On Larry King last night, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, Rosanne Barr, and other family and friends saluted him. What an influence he was on them and so many others, including everyday people like me.

Carlin's "Seven Words" brought the attention of the issue of censorship in media to the forefront. the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to "ban" those seven words later on, and that decision holds force even today. Want to know what they were? Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits......think about it......

Carlin's career was only partly defined by that court case. More impressive was his ease of language - the fluidity of his thought process - his ability to communicate all his ideas with such a remarkable sense of humor - his physicality - and timing. He had an unbelievable combination of talents which made his entire body of work - like any great artist - stand out.

He was honest, too, and he was honest about what he thought of us. Not very proud of the human species and undefinable religiously, he pursued his social commentary with abandon and we loved it. Fans like me soaked that shit up. He "neither accepted nor gave" bullshit, which he believed to be the USA's biggest export. He was a student of history who was so often accurate in his observations about humanity.

He was never bitter and always treated others well. Carlin was very kind. He had a lovely wife and wonderful daughter. He took care of his brother too. He was really pleased that he was good at doing something he loved. That is a great guideline for all of us. You know, we almost lost him twice previously, due to his heart condition.

Of course, some say that this may mark a passing of the torch from the generation of the '60s to the others that follow. Carlin, however, was not easily impressed by that transitory "stuff." He always focused on lasting "stuff", so let's not get carried away....generations share the same basic needs. Carlin never got distracted by the bullshit.

So I sit here thinking about all this great shit and then it hits me - again:


He's gone.

Vive la crise....

2009-04-11 17:53:30
Posted Date: 2009-04-11 17:53:30 , By : Erwan bazin photography (F2.8) very busy!
Photo prise au centre ville de brest.
beaucoup d'humour pour ce sans logis.

Merci à lui de m'avoir permis de le prendre en photo!

Cela ma quand même coûté 2 euros! :)

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