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Nice Bikini Girls photos

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Nice Bikini Girls photos

Some cool bikini girls images:

Miyako Island, Japan
bikini girls

2004-09-16 10:03:37
Posted Date: 2004-09-16 10:03:37 , By : ippei + janine
bikini girls
Aragusuku Beach
Miyako Island, Okinawa, Japan

Miyako Island belongs to the Miyako Island group which is known as one of the world's best diving destinations, having a number of coral species and marine lives as large as those in the Great Barrier Reef. (Over 400 types of corals, 5 types of sea turtles, manta rays, whale sharks and all kinds of tropical fish species all live around Okinawa.)

Best Beaches in Japan!

> Islands of Japan

Smiling Sky
bikini girls

2008-08-18 10:50:35
Posted Date: 2008-08-18 10:50:35 , By : Frank Wuestefeld
bikini girls
# FRANCE series #

This was in Nice / Cote d' Azur, a wonderful place. Everyone is smiling there, as you can see... The purpose was to get a colorful holidays-action-picture of sun and fun, I think this is one. My girlfriend was especially excited about one of the crew there, he looked like Lenny Kravitz :-)

Some webcams of the promenade:

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