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Eastman View Camera No. 2D, dated to 1935

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Eastman View Camera No. 2D, dated to 1935

Some cool 2D images:

Eastman View Camera No. 2D, dated to 1935

2012-10-12 07:59:26
Posted Date: 2012-10-12 07:59:26 , By : Shawn Hoke
Blog Post with More Pictures Missing the rear standard locking knob, but otherwise in good condition. This will make a wonderful portrait camera and I'll also get a 4x5 reducing back on it for landscape, street stuff. The bellows are not original, but they are much more functional than what the original red bellows would probably be. The lens is a Wollensak Versar lens with a non-working shutter. I'm going to get a modern (1970s-ish) Schneider Symmar 300mm lens as a replacement.

The great thing about this camera is that is has the front and rear extension rails and a sliding tripod block.

WWII USMC Jeep (Rear) [2D Version]

2011-09-22 13:42:39
Posted Date: 2011-09-22 13:42:39 , By : 狐☯忠 ❂ Fidelis
I never thought I'd see a WWII Jeep on the streets, so imagine my thankfulness at fortune when I got the chance to stereograph this piece of militaria. =^.^=

This is the 2D version, for those who can't see 3D, or for uses where 3D images would be inappropriate.

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