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3d orbit animation of the Morgenthau Residence

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3d orbit animation of the Morgenthau Residence

A few nice 3D images I found:

3d orbit animation of the Morgenthau Residence

2008-12-21 16:23:08
Posted Date: 2008-12-21 16:23:08 , By : Jeremy Levine Design
3d animation of CAD model for addition to house.
Location: Silver Lake, CA
Status: Completed 2007
Designer: Jeremy Levine

3D 2x Macro shot of my Toothbrush

2006-11-02 12:47:01
Posted Date: 2006-11-02 12:47:01 , By : syvwlch
This is a 3D red/cyan anaglyph of a twice-lifesize macro shot of my toothbrush.

You will need those little red/blue glasses to see it in 3D.

More info on how I took it here on my blog.

3d Map of Halle-Neustadt City - effective in 1989

2010-04-24 23:27:23
Posted Date: 2010-04-24 23:27:23 , By : gynti_46
3D Modell von Halle-Neustadt mit Stand ca. 1989.

Einiges ist geschliffen und es sind auch Bauten nach 89 errichtet worden.
Gesehen zur Museumsnacht 2010 in der Geschichtswerkstatt "Pusteblume" unter Verantwortung des Passendorfer Vereins (Halle-Neustadt-Verein)

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