Thursday 27 February 2014

Ayeza Khan Sacandal Pictures

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In entertainment industry MMS scandal is not new. From small screen actor to Bollywood or Hollywood’s mega star like Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Kim, Saleena and many more, have faced the worst situation of their name getting involved in an MMS clip. They all have been the victim of fake MMS scandals.

A name who charmed many on the small screen, Ayeza Khan shocked one and all with her alleged Bikini pictures which got leaked online. Ayeza Khan is known for her innocent and cute girl image and has been a successful actress on the small screen.
Latest morphed Pics of Ayeza Khan has gone viral but this is not the first time that celebs’fake pics have hit the web. The fake bikini pics became popular in a jiffy when it was uploaded on web. These pics became too popular and put the actress in an awkward situation. take a look on some of pics !!!

The actress even gave a statement saying, “The pics are disgusting and it’s ridiculous to even talk about it.”
Our beautiful diva Ayeza Khan is upset with the fake and morphed pics that show her in Bikini online by an anonymous guy. Nearly 10 pictures of the actress, in which she was seen in bikini, were making rounds on the web.

As the fake pictures of her were out, Ayeza now fears that some MMSs in the name of her might make rounds on net. Nevertheless, star tag is always a challenge for the celebrities. Just to ruin their image, some anti-social elements upload these kinds of objectionable pictures and smudge the actor’s reputation. Its really sad that Ayeza Khan bikini picture Scandal which is morphed actually.

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Ayeza Khan Sacandal Pictures


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