Tuesday 11 February 2014

Ali Gul Pir New Song 'Super Saeen'

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It’s not about Bilawal, Sindh or Sindhis. It’s about being a super saeen, which is basically being proud of who you are. Through this song we are trying to explain that it is cool to be who you are, you don’t have to adopt a foreign culture or accent to be cool. We have taken the saeen term and used it positively. It’s good to be a super saeen, everyone should be a one and be proud of their country.

In conversation with the viral hit-maker,  insight on Ali Gul Pir’s upcoming musical offering for the Sindh Festival.

How did your upcoming song Super Saeen come about? When is it coming out?
I tweeted something about Bilawal Bhutto. I joke about everyone, so I joked about him and he tweeted back saying that he’s been looking for me and wants to speak to me. I got a little worried, thinking he probably took offense to one of the things I said, however, he wanted to meet up and talk about the Sindh Festival that he is organising. Obviously, I had reservations because I always believe that the kind of line of work that I am in, and the kind of music that I produce, I have to be unbiased and cannot be politically affiliated with anyone.

What are your political affiliations after writing a song for Bilawal Bhutto?
There are none. I have simply been hired by the Sindh government to write and sing a song about Sindh and celebrate its diversity. My biggest reservation was being affiliated with any political party. I only accepted when I was convinced that I am being hired by an organisation for their event, the Sindh Festival, to represent my culture. I think people take provincial differences too seriously, I look at it differently. We can celebrate different cultures.
Your focus is mainly on Sindh, it isn’t very Pakistan oriented. Why?
What about Bohemia and all these Punjabi rappers? They even sing in Punjabi, at least whatever I sing is in Urdu and for everyone to hear. Knowing that I come from a certain Pakistani culture, I tend to portray the things around me.
What are the similarities between Super Saeen and Waderai Ka Beta? Are there any?
Not at all, they are completely different. A lot of people loved Waderai Ka Beta and then there was a group of people who thought I was mocking the Sindhi culture even though that isn’t true. I was making fun of a certain mindset, which could be a wadera, sardar or even the son of the CEO of some multinational company. The song just represented any spoilt brat who uses his power, influence and money negatively. The concept is completely different. The saeen term, however, has become a part of me and I will always be associated with it.
Do you feel you have become type-casted as a performer?
No I don’t feel that way. I have done songs about people staring at girls (Taaroo Maaroo) and I have done songs about politicians (VIP). I look at myself as an entertainer, if one character of mine has become well-known because the masses loved it, like Kabacha for Behroz Sabswari, it is going to stick with me, and I’m proud of it.
How has it been for you after Waderai Ka Beta? Has it been a bumpy road or a smooth ride?
It’s been more than great. Every few days I am reminded of how blessed I am. People can’t see the struggle you went through to get to this point, but you never forget. I have been living independently for two years, and there were times when I had money for only one meal a day. I did theatre to make ends meet. Remembering where you are from is very important. I have been doing well, I was invited by the American government to do five shows in the US, I won awards, I met Bilawal but I haven’t let any of that get to my head.
How did you deal with your new-found fame?
I promised myself that I would never change, but after some time I realized that even though you don’t change everything around you changes, it’s inevitable. Circumstances change and the people around you act different, but that doesn’t mean you become snobbish and egoistic, in fact you have to be more understanding and careful. The odds are against you and you just have to figure things out accordingly.
You must be getting a lot of attention from girls now, how does that feel?
I often get marriage proposals via text and email, that is very amusing. The attention is good, but I am not a very social, attention seeking kind of guy. I understand that its part of the job so I appreciate we love. I take it as part of my work.
What is in the works after the Sindh Festival?
I am working on my fourth independent track, that I will be releasing after the festival is over. I won’t reveal the name as yet but I will tell a little about what the song is about. When fame comes to you it literally feels like a rollercoaster till you get used to it, and once you get used to it, only then do you understand the dynamics of this industry. Having observed the media and the typical celebrity figure and the trends they follow, I have composed a song reflecting their attitude, how they change according to believing the world revolves around them.

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Ali Gul Pir New Song 'Super Saeen'


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