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The agony and the ecstasy

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The agony and the ecstasy

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The agony and the ecstasy

2007-08-04 16:33:47
Posted Date: 2007-08-04 16:33:47 , By : gwilmore
I attended a ballroom dance exhibition in Phoenix, which was sponsored by the area Fred Astaire studios as a benefit for MS patients. The owner of the Chandler studio specifically asked me to bring my camera to the event, although I would have done so anyway. The reason for the request was that three of her instructors are from Bulgaria, and as I understand it, they are in the process of trying to get approval as permanent residents of the U. S. The owner wanted some pictures of the three in action, which she thought would help the Bulgarians in their dealings with the immigration authorities.

I was happy to comply with the reqest, although neither of the photos I sent to the studio owner has been uploaded to Flickr, and I don't know if they will be. But I think they are good enough for her purposes, and I hope she likes them, too. The Bulgarians all deserve to be able to stay here.

Action photography is difficult, even with a fast lens, such as my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8, which I used here. This is instructor Miss Gergana, one of the three Bulgarians employed at the Chandler studio. She is incredibly photogenic, and has made a number of previous appearances in my photostream. Here she is performing a fast-paced dance with one of her students, to a medley of songs from "Grease." I took about 60 pictures during this one dance, but because of the lighting on the stage and my distance from it, coupled with the very rapid movements of the dancers, none of them turned out particularly well. I used Program mode and centerweight metering for all of the dance photos I took that afternoon, and this one was taken at a rather slow speed of 1/50 sec. (The images I sent to Gery's boss did not include any from this particular segment of the day's event.)

So I am putting this one in my photostream for one main reason. It does not capture the excitement and motion of this dance the way I wish it could have, and beautiful Gery is, alas, a bit out of focus. But there is humor in this shot, as well as in the series as a whole. In nearly every picture I took, Gery is smiling from ear to ear, but her partner, who is a student of hers and a very good dancer in his own right, appears with some variation of this same pained expression on his face. I wonder if he was dancing on a sore ankle, or something like that; but more likely, he was probably just concentrating so intensely on the dance that he simply didn't think of smiling. If that is so, I can certainly understand; after all, I have been told that I sometimes
dance like Khrushchev.

Festival Juste pour rire: Close Act ― Sau'rus

2006-07-19 22:38:26
Posted Date: 2006-07-19 22:38:26 , By : JcMaco
Cette performance témoigne du retour de gigantesques créatures préhistoriques au 21e siècle. Ces Sau'rus argentés sont bien plus intelligents que leur maître Dino. Par leurs chuintements étranges et incompréhensibles, ponctués autant de rythme que d'humour, ces bêtes communiquent entre elles. Elles forment un long cortège qu'elles mènent avec leur langage distinct et poétique.

Down with Darwinism!

2008-02-22 23:35:21
Posted Date: 2008-02-22 23:35:21 , By : eyewashdesign: A. Golden
A mate showed me a site where one's supposed to make their own "motivators". I went for humour instead.

photographs & alleged wit: a. golden, 2006

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