Thursday 3 April 2014

Hum TV Awards 2014

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I know many people will disagree with me, call me mullah and what not but I am going to share my feelings about the recently held Hum TV awards any way. I also know that the media doesn’t care what people like me think because for them being “modern” is more important than being politically correct. Forget about the revealing dresses that our actresses wore because in their imagination they were attending a Hollywood event so they didn’t want to look any less modern than Angelina Jolie. The only difference is that when Angelina Jolie dresses up like that, she is dressing up according to her culture. But people living in “Islamic Republic Of Pakistan” really should know better! Our media is getting too bold, many Pakistani dramas already should have a PG rating on them. Gone are the days when simple and entertaining family entertainment were in fashion. Nowadays, showing disgusting stories and get ups is in fashion.

 All of you must have seen this picture of Javaid Sheikh and Bushra Ansari. Call me a mullah (again) but I find this picture VERY disturbing. What kind of an example are these older celebrities setting for the newer ones? They are kissing and hugging on stage today, you can only imagine what would be happening next. What is even more worrying is that people have stopped criticizing things like this. We have accepted this modernization, which is actually deterioration of our culture and identity. Shouldn’t Pakistani artists represent the masses? or are they only there to represent the masses in the dramas. People who know nothing about Pakistan and know only this that this country was made in the name of Islam, must get very confused. On one side we have extremists giving an entirely different highly conservative image of Pakistan and on the other hand we have wanne-bes who blindly follow the West forgetting that they have an obligation towards the country that they live in and the people who gave them all this fame. Are we so ashamed of our own culture that we consider it an insult to wear our own cultural dresses on functions? These people look lost to me, they belong neither in Pakistan nor in any other country, what good is such modernization then? It is their short sightedness that makes them believe that kissing in public and wearing dresses (which they most often can’t even carry) can take this country forward in any way.

It is the duty of the media to represent their country and the culture that exists in the country. Do these awards in any way represent the people of Pakistan? How many people out there can relate to these people who make us laugh and cry on screen but have nothing in common with us off screen. If they are so ashamed of their culture, so impressed with foreign culture then they should not expect people to look up to them. A request to all our stars that please represent your country, that is the only way people will respect you. A request to Hum TV awards organizers, you have a duty to make sure that your awards represent the country which has given you so much love. Shalwar Kameez looks awesome and stylish , next time make it your dress code. A request to our senior artists, we respect you please don’t make us change our opinion about you by showing how misguided you are.
I hope that we realize that there can be entertainment without vulgarity. I am boycotting the Hum TV awards because that is the least I can do.

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Hum TV Awards 2014


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