Friday 28 March 2014

Female Rocker Regina Zernay Roberts On Iconici Radio

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If you missed Iconici Radio last night hosted by Naiya Marcelo, Poetrynmotion and Syndee, check it out now! Our hosts brought you the latest news on Fashion, Entertainment highlights and Hollywood celebrity gossip that has made headlines this week. Special guest Female Rocker Regina Zernay Roberts joined them as well to talk about what she has going on!

Regina is a kick-ass bass player who was in Cee Lo Green’s band and performed on everything from Saturday Night Live to The Tonight Show to the NBA all-star game and much more.  Before that, she toured the world with the popular New Orleans rock band, Cowboy Mouth, and appeared on Regis & Kelly and Ellen.  

Now she’s got a new band, Detroit Diesel Power, which is starting to see some radio airplay.  (She says think Motorhead with a chick lead singer.)  Regina discussed her experiences with Cee Lo and Cowboy Mouth, the state of rock & toll today, and women breaking through the male-dominated rock scene. 

Find out how Detroit Diesel Power came about, who she would love to work with one day, her inspiration starting out in the music industry, what she has coming up and so much more!

Syndee, Poetry and Naiya also talked about the latest announcement of Rihanna being awarded the CFDA Fashion Iconic Award this year, Lollapalooza going down August 1st-3rd, Zac Efron and his recent encounter with a fist, beef or not with Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry plus so much more!

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Female Rocker Regina Zernay Roberts On Iconici Radio


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