Tuesday 31 December 2013

The Most Handsome Men Of 2013

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This year too the television screens as well as the modeling world was ruled by the same male celebrities who were most prominent last year. There were however a few newcomers who made a good place for themselves in the big world of showbiz. Here is a list of men who ruled out TV screens and the ramp because they are good looking and classy.
10: Agha Ali:
This young gentleman is talented and stylish. His smile has won the hearts of many female fans. He has worked hard to make a very important place for himself in an industry full of talented individuals.

9. Danish Taimoor:
Danish Taimoor has polished himself in a way which is very impressive. He is charming and handsome and ninth on our list.

8. Ameer Zeb Khan:
He is tall, (not so dark) but very handsome. Ameer Zeb Khan started his modeling career with Nabila and Khawar Riaz, two very big names in the fashion industry. He is very conscious about his workout routine and loves watching sports.

7. Hareb Farooq:
Hareb Farooq is handsome and he knows it! He never carries the same look for too long. You will see him experimenting with new hairstyles and looks all the time. He is cool and very confident.

6. Mikaal Zulfiqar:
Mikaal Zulfiqar is no way your tall, dark and handsome but he most certainly is charming. He was in our list last year and the list will be incomplete without him this year too.

5: Abdullah Ejaz:
Abdullah Ejaz is not just exceptionally good looking but he is also very classy. He looks good in everything; tie a turban on his head or put him in a t shirt, he is bound to be a show stopper. This man deserves to be on no 5.

4. Ali Zafar:
Ali Zafar has won himself many fans not just in Pakistan but also across the border. He is multi-talented and very handsome.

3. Shahid Afridi:
Some people never go out of style and our cricket icon Shahid Afridi is one of them. He has a style of his own, that is unique and appealing. He has hero written all over him and is no 3 on our list.

2. Shehryar Munawar:
Shehryar Munawar’s recent make-over has successfully turned him into a hunk who is sure to melt everyone’s hearts. He has just started his career with determination and zeal that is sure to take him places.

1. Fawad Khan:
Yes, why does this man top all the lists, you may ask! That is because there is no one else yet who can beat his charm and talent. World Top Models Website

The Most Handsome Men Of 2013


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